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DADA Consultancy is a highly specialized and independent consultancy agency in international regulatory affairs of human and veterinary medicinal products. We can provide tailor-made services completely in line with your needs. DADA can find optimal solutions for your requirements and is therefore an ideal partner for supporting and managing your European regulatory activities. We have a passion for detail while maintaining focus on our client’s ultimate goal. We often solve uncommon problems with uncommon approaches, unlocking your data’s full potential. If you are stuck with an issue that seems unsolvable, or are in need for unlisted services, we invite you to contact us. We will give our utmost in helping you out, and in the unlucky chance that we cannot, we will still help you further and find the expert who can.

As our services below describe in more detail, DADA can help you from start of development until the end of the products lifecycle, and everywhere in between.

Our services encompasses a wide range in the fields of pharmaceutical development, regulatory affairs, pharmacovigilance, quality assurance, clinical and non-clinical activities including medical & scientific writing, market access and reimbursement. Together with our sister company ADOH, we can also offer EU batch release service, and GxP auditing.

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GxP Auditing

Using our vast network of experts, DADA can, either directly or via our sister-compan...

Batch Release

DADA can, via our sister-company ADOH, perform the import and EU batch release for yo...


Miranda van Bodegom

DADA Consultancy B.V.

Michiel Hendriks

DADA Consultancy B.V.


DADA Netherlands

Godfried Bomansstraat 31, 6543 JA Nijmegen, NLD

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