Annual Subscription Plans

Generate Leads and Brand Awareness

The Marketplace is a platform designed to help members find the best possible solutions for their business needs.

Depending on the subscription plan, industry suppliers now have the opportunity to showcase their company, products & services, highlight member recommendations, and receive prominent exposure in front of our membership.

Higher-level plans also provide suppliers opportunities to publish thought leadership materials (whitepapers, videos etc.), and post exclusive member incentives for their prospects, which generate qualified leads that include their contact information.

Featured Comparison

Content Marketing is designed for organizations that have valuable, thought leadership materials (whitepapers, webinar recordings, industry reports, etc.) Any materials shared via this method are promoted by the organization using multiple channels. The "Member Perks" and "Refer-a-Friend" tools are designed to allow you to offer exclusive member-facing promotions. A member must agree to share their information with you to claim or redeem one of these offers.
Content Marketing Unlimited 4 1 1
Member Perks Unlimited 4 1 1
Webinar 2 1 - -
Refer-a-Friend Unlimited 4 1 1
Search Exposure
Filters/Categories Unlimited 8 4 2
Featured Listing on Home Above Fold Above Fold Below Fold Below Fold
Featured Listing on Category Above Fold Above Fold Below Fold Below Fold
Website Link
Cover Image
- -
- -
Gain much greater exposure and brand awareness by having your listing advertised throughout the site, including on your competitors listings.
Ad-Free Listing or Text No ads of any kind will appear on your listing Limited related and competing listing ads will appear on your listing Related and competing listing ads will appear on your listing Related and competing listing ads will appear on your listing
Depending on your subscription level, your listing can have a logo, graphics, and videos. The description can consist of either basic plain text; enhanced plain text (bold and italics); full formatting with graphics; or full formatting with graphics and video options.
Products & Services Unlimited 6 4 1
Projects & Galleries Unlimited 6 4 1
Number of People Unlimited 6 3 1
Number of Locations Unlimited 6 3 1
Optional Add-Ons
Categories - - - -
Products & Services - - - -