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Component-based structured content. Simplified by AI.

Glemser Technologies

Since 1987, Glemser’s team of global technology advisors has been providing software and advisory services for life science companies and regulated industries. We help our clients incorporate emerging technologies and innovative methods to address their most pressing business needs. In doing so, Glemser allows companies to better develop and commercialize medications for improved patient outcomes.

Glemser is changing the future of global product labeling with ComplianceAuthor® AI, a solution that reduces the time to produce a submission ready label from months to weeks. ComplianceAuthor® AI is a GxP compliance structured content authoring system that saves time, improves quality, and sustains compliance

At Glemser, we draw on our extensive experience implementing large-scale IT solutions for global companies to successfully execute and validate content and quality management solutions. These solutions meet the evolving needs of our clients as their cultures and systems change over time. 

Products and Services 

  • ComplianceAuthor┬« AI

    The structured content AI assistant for pharma and life sciences.

    Glemser and ComplianceAuthor® AI''s unique combination of Natrual Language models, structured content authoring software with integrated health authority outputs, and human experts produces a powerful, trend-riding solution for pharmaceutical firms that want to improve their content authoring process without messing with the foundations of it.

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  • Redefining Content Management with Component Content Management Systems (CCMS)

    In a world of ever-evolving content demands, a component content management system represents a paradigm shift in content management. With its focus on granular components, metadata-driven content organization, and seamless ecosystem integration, a CCMS empowers industries with the core technology to streamline content creation, ensure compliance, and remain agile in a rapidly changing landscape. Particularly for regulated industries like pharmaceuticals, a CCMS holds the promise of ushering in a new era of efficient and compliant content management, ultimately shaping a future where content is not just managed, but strategically leveraged an... More »

    Redefining Content Management with Compo...
  • Enhancing Compliance and Efficiency with Structured Content Authoring

    In the fast-paced and highly regulated pharmaceutical industry, the efficient management of labeling and regulatory submissions is crucial for ensuring compliance, patient safety, and the fast and successful market entry of innovative drugs. However, this process comes with its fair share of challenges. From navigating Chemistry, Manufacturing, and Controls (CMC) regulatory requirements to addressing global labeling and clinical labeling use cases, pharmaceutical companies face complex hurdles in meeting regulatory standards while improving their speed to market. This leaves many highly regulated life science organizations to wonder – i... More »

    Enhancing Compliance and Efficiency wit...
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